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Healthcare program

We serve Governments, Foreign Service forces and local embassies worldwide by providing them with the Right Medical services. In case you are a Government organization looking for a special product or high end service either for your citizens abroad or Foreign Service staff employees please feel free to get in touch with us.

Mobility Solutions

With increasing digitization in citizens' lives and in the business world, there is growing expectation of more online transactions. Changes in the political, societal and economic realms are driving Government and public sector leaders to rethink how they design and deliver public services. Governments need to adopt the digital approach to be able to deliver information and services to citizens anytime, anywhere and on any platform or device. Mobility and digitization will also enable creation of personalized public services which put citizens first, thereby helping Governments to thrive in a fast paced, dynamic world.
Mobility solution for Government enables citizens and businesses to directly interact with core Government functions through multiple channels. This reduces the cost-to-serve and improves citizen satisfaction and engagement, while leveraging support for enhanced Government services and improving economic and social vitality.

MTalk- International Prepaid Sim Card

In case you are a Government organization looking for a special product to Avoid paying huge International Roaming bills when for your citizens or staff employees going abroad for official trip. Here MTalk International Sim Card is the solutions for Government organizations. Now think of reducing International Roaming expenses and always stay connected to your staff and save big. For frequent traveler, they can also get global roaming SIM cards permanent number at minimal cost.

  • Coverage and low-rates in around 200 countries
  • Save up to 95% on Talk, Text and Data by using Mtalk
  • Global roaming SIM card provides premium high quality services
  • High speed mobile roaming data service connection to Internet with savings up to 90%
  • One SIM for mobile roaming voice calls in 600+ mobile networks of 200+ countries

Insurance for Diplomats

Diplomat Travel Insurance is offered as various types of coverage which protects you from major and minor medical emergencies, accidents and illnesses during your travel as a visitor to other countries and for citizens of India. As experts in diplomatic insurance, we apply our skills to controlling your expenses and relieving administrative burdens with the aim of providing the correct insurance for your unique needs at the lowest possible price.

  • Global Protection policy valid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance
  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Automatic-extension of the policy
  • Coverage of Medical Expenses
International Roaming sim Card
second medical opinion
Global Claim Solutions