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The nature of healthcare industry is soaring towards advancement and one such area that has developed and redefined this industry is the Telemedicine service. AMA is a leading provider of Telemedicine solutions across the globe and is committed to create telehealth products and solutions that help healthcare organizations deliver care through digital technology. Our robust A.I. based and customizable Telemedical solutions are made to provide a significant benefit to your customers. The platform varies and focuses on GP driven travel medicine expertise, with the accessibility to share travel medical cases within the medical community and travel related solutions according to the member’s needs.

Benefits of AMA Telemedical Consultation

specialist for video call

Consult with a general physician or a specialist for video call

calendar appointments

Schedule & calendar appointments

24/7 medical case management

24/7 medical case management

easy to use our web app

Convenient and easy to use our web app

consultation with the doctor

Safe and secure video consultation with the doctor

doctors and members

Online web portal for doctors and members

AMA Region Wise Doctor / Provider Sign Up

telemedicine Doctor

Doctor / Provider sign up

Region / counry wise sign up

Region / Country wise sign up

Regional telemedical center

Regional telemedical center of excellence will do the doctor vetting

Doctor gets enroll for teleconsultion

Doctor gets enroll for teleconsultion with the patient

AMA Telemedicine APP

Home Screen

Book appointment with a doctor

Video call with a doctor

Video / audio call

with doctor

Doctor during telemedicine call takes patient medical information and gives e-prescription

Medical intake form


AMA Telemedicine Solutions

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over 70 countries and over 250 popular cities worldwide

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