AMA Global Treatment abroad


The AMA GTA program is managed in several ways. It is a combination of several expertise and products coming together with a series of services. Firstly, it is a global program for treatment abroad. Once a medical case is received and reviewed in the format of a Second medical opinion that is usually the first step whereby medical intervention and medical recommendations kick in on the basis of the case.

Once the case is reviewed by our medical specialist panel and as it is a second medical opinion it is centralized at our main platform where our medical experts shall recommend a medical solution for a complicated medical case as to where it would need to be performed.

The client will get a set of 2-3 options on the basis of Quality-Availability and costs whereby once approved at your end the next steps would be on the basis of mobilization of the patient. Usually the quote provided on a case to case basis will include a comprehensive quotation on –

Pre-during and post treatment concept. This would entail PRE (All the arrangements that are needed prior to the patient being sent for treatment) DURING – this is during the treatment and POST once the patient has obtained the medical treatment and would be returning to his or her home country.

Once the members are enrolled for the services under the GTA plan the initial step is to get an immediate SMO from us- with our expert medical panel. The medical file is processed – reviewed with a standard TAT (Turnaround time) of 72 Hours. The TAT shall include the options of care- the costs along with the recommendation for travel. You will have options of the various zones along with the treatment cost implications. Once a selection is made from the clients end AMA then executes the plan in accordance.

AMA Services

24.7 Assistance Services

24.7 Assistance Services

Pre, During & Post Treatment Plan Zones Wise

Treatment Cost Settlement

Ground Ambulance Services

Global Treatment App along with SMO

Post Follow-up Treatment Plan

Daily Medical Monitoring Review

Return of Mortal Remains



Service Type Benefits and services
24.7 Assistance

Including GP, Lab tests and investigations

Prescribed drugs and benefits

GTA App along with Second medical opinion

The SMO app will be white labelled whereby a member can directly send us their current medical file and problems. Post valuation the member shall get a medical review along with certain medical suggestions. However, all options related to the treatment plan and costs shall only be shared with the client, on the basis of a decision by them would the next steps follow.

Treatment abroad planning – Pre-during and Post along with Treatment plan quotations Zonewise

Zones depend as per the type scheme

On the decision by the client or the paymaster, on the basis of the final decision taken, AMA would then get into action and prepare the case in accordance.

Ground Ambulance services on the treatment destination

Upto a maximum of USD 250 per event treatment abroad, per case.

Ongoing Telemedical daily review and discussion along with the member and the treating facility

Daily medical monitoring with the treating facility is subject to the co-operation of the treating facility.

Treatment cost settlement – preferred price negotiation and package negotiation.

A claims processing fee of 6% shall be charged per treatment plan.

Organization and return of mortal remain back to home country.

AMA shall cover a cost up to 3000 USD per event of death of a member. Over and above can be borne either by the client or the member's family.

Post follow up treatment plan.

For up to a period of 1 week the AMA team shall follow up and hand over all medical information and treatment done to the local treating doctor and facility.