AMA Global Assistance

Vaccination Programs

Trust Setup & Administration Service Medical costs in general are on the rise. At the same time the Travel market is quite competitive. What plays a major differentiating role is the ability to provide qualitative service to your members.
We at AMA understand this need and are there to see how we can help each other fulfill our needs. AMA not only could act as a service provider but also a partner in saving unnecessary costs which could have incurred directly by your members or by the services availed.

For governments

AMA as a subcontractor to various governments can deploy and administer multiple vaccination programs under various governmental immunization schemes. We source, both Brands and generics helping Governments to full fill their Immunization programs.

For Companies

Companies dispatching employees need to ensure the wellbeing and safety. The AMA vaccination program along with a global employment health check program ensures corporations have a global solutions at deployment in multiple locations to ensure their safety standards are met everywhere.

For Children

Be it new Born's, children going to school or Universities the AMA Vaccination program is able to provide you under your govt. Sponsorship or direct pay vaccination and general health check up administered plans. To find out more please get in touch with us.

For Displaced people

Health checks, treatment deployment, medications and Vaccinations is a major part of ensuring the well being and safety for the entire matrix. In collaboration with various agencies come talk to us on how our programs can be customized and designed to fit your needs in various affected parts of the globe.

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