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Employee protection and Medical Security
Placing employees and their families in remote parts of the globe requires you to have a program in place under which your employees are protected in terms of medical security. Health and safety plays a very important role today not only in terms of regulations however to have a plan in place is of the utmost importance.

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At large stand, today, business expansion and the need for global employee protection and other various specialized programs are needed. For that you can count on us. From basic Medical Concierge Services to Online Medical Second Opinions, We can put your employees at ease. Trying to understand your needs and guiding you towards right professional direction for such services, is our part of work. Join our world, where others were benefitted and next will be your!

The benefits for your employees as a corporate would be

  • 24.7 Medical concierge services
  • 24.7 Access to second opinions for your employees
  • Set up of medical networks
  • Survey of local medical infrastructure
  • Setting up of On-site and In house Clinic Programs
  • Administration of your Healthcare Benefits, saving your Health Insurance Premiums.
  • Managing and introducing occupational Health and Safety Programs.
  • Implementation of compliance standards in the Health and Safety arena
  • Pandemic and Total Emergency care (TEC)
  • Pre-Employment Programs
  • Vaccination Programs.
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Large, medium, small we might have the right solution for you. Taking care of your employees and even their families is equally important. Buying the right Insurance for them might cover their liabilities and protect your liabilities as well. However how does the service reach them. What are the services you are getting for what you are paying? The main benefits of contacting us is not limited. Please have a look into the details of what we offer to you as a Group.


  • Reduce your overall risks
  • Reduce your overall costs
  • Increase your overall benefits
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity levels
  • Get the personalized medical services you are looking for
  • Insured your employees
  • Pre-employment programs
  • Health and safety in house programs

Pre-Employment Programs

Health check up programs for your employees. Global programs being administered to ensure the people you choose are neither a medical threat to your organization nor would end up increasing the costs to the company.

Health and safety In house programs

Running a large facility also requires you as an organization to look at increasing your efficiency or productivity level while keeping in mind employee individual stress levels and other factors that lead to your staff falling sick at higher frequencies for little medical issues hence effecting your efficiency and overall productivity levels as well as sickness leaves and other added overheads that could have been taken care in the first place itself. A in house health and safety program is quite important and our staff shall be happy to guide you with the right program suitable for your size. By simply contacting us and speaking to one of us should be quite helpful.

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Global Claim Solutions
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