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Doctor House Call

See a Doctor now from the comfort of home

Doctor House Call offers personalised healthcare and wellness programs which go beyond the average perk and contribute to high performance cultures. Our focus is on creating healthy, positive and motivated work environment which contribute to increasing productivity and overall brand value.

  • Health and safety programs for students
  • Health check-up programs
  • Vaccination programs
  • On-site school clinics
  • Emergency services locally and on travel


AMA Global Coverage region

The Anywhere, Anytime Doctor

  • Medical treatment first, formalities later
  • Certified and experienced doctors
  • Specialist nurses, quick ambulance
  • Quality hospital care at home
  • Basic home medical care plans

Services we provide

  • Doctor Home Visit
  • Medical Equipments
  • Patient Attendants
  • Emergency Services
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratory

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