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Roadside Solutions For Banks & Leasing Companies

The AMA Groups RSA program is driven by technology and program customization by creating niche solutions that can be applied in today's RSA world.

Tailor made SOLUTIONS FOR Banks

The AMA Car loan manager program may fit your needs as a bank to better manage credit outstanding's with customers. With a one stop shop solution at the time of credit approvals based on a default the AMA car loan assistance platform assists banks in managing and addressing such situations in a better fashion. With the calibrated remote engine shutdown program ensuring banks and finance companies are assisted in managing credit outstanding in time.

Real-time accident recording for insurers to surveillance & increase profitability

AMA believes in Win-Win business, only our clients could win. Our stable Quality and good After-Services will ensure our client wins the business in their markets.

Features of DVR, which protect Insurers from unauthorized claims

From being trusted by our worldwide customers, AMA keeps growing with its client's footsteps and we will continually contribute ourselves for providing insurers Realtime surveillance. The DVR will supervise the accident incidents arise. This will track the record of before and after the incident. The DVR can pick up the evidence of the accident occurred, this can support and help the insurance companies for the invalid claims levied on them, with the DVR recording, insurance companies will be assisted to manage the invalid claims imposed on them.

Benefits to insurers from DVR

  • Protect Insurers from unauthorized claims
  • Helps in increasing profits
  • Track the record of after and before incidents
  • Assistance in the evidence tracking
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