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Airline Travel Insurance Solution

While travelling, people are sometimes unfortunate to find themselves in troublesome and inconvenient situations. This has lead to the popularization of airline travel insurance that protects travelers from such adversities-like sudden flight cancellations, lost or delayed baggage, accidents, etc. Hence customer loyalty is maintained by protecting them from such losses and ensuring them a pleasant and safe flight, using airline flight insurance.
Airline travel insurance can be offered to customers to give them the much desired support and stability in case of some travel related issues that may arise unexpectedly.
This protects customers’ finances even if they have to cancel their flights last minute or require emergency medical attention on board. The airline flight insurance covers for prepaid and non-refundable flight tickets among other expenses. Offering such insurance establishes and strengthens customer trust and ensures that they come back to you the next time they want to travel somewhere. Airlines can offer a great range of insurance products, claims solutions, and even customized travel assistance depending upon the needs of the customers.

Benefits to customers

  • Travel Accident Protection
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Checked Lost/Stolen Baggage Protection
  • 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance
  • Coverage in case of theft of ID or Travel Documents, costs of transportation
  • Emergency Hospitalization and Repatriation

Travel Insurance Products

  • Single and Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Annual Travel Insurance
  • Airline Flight Insurance
  • Family Vacation Insurance
  • Adventure Travel Insurance

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