Airlines Ancillary Services

Airlines Ancillary Services

AMA provides Ancillary services to Airlines and helps improve your overall customer experience, initiate new income opportunities, accomplish higher proficiency & lead the competition with our innovative solutions for airlines. The efficient and effective sales & reservations solutions help you to reach your target audience, consequently increasing customer loyalty while delivering your brand promise. It’s no doubt that airline ancillary services are the stepping stones to increased airline revenues and better customer satisfaction as well as more popularity.

Product Flexibility

Creative and innovative products offered with optimizations for price and service point capabilities ensure flexibility.

Loyalty Program

The ancillary services airlines offer, increase customer satisfaction and hence loyalty along with delivering your brand promise using technology enabled services and processes. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, give your passengers more value, more services and even more extras so that they are pleased enough with their experience to come back for more. To achieve this, customer insight gained through loyalty marketing and supported by world-class technology is critical. Loyalty marketing would, therefore, need
  • A deep understanding of the customer
  • Processes which are measurable, automated, efficient and highly responsive
  • Extended loyalty thinking and techniques to all customer segments
AMA provides airline ancillary services which help in end-to-end loyalty partner support and enables airline executives to manage all aspect of carrying out a loyalty program for passengers, from program creation and tier management to partner management and the creation of accrual and redemption rules. The system streamlines and optimizes loyalty business processes and delivers differentiated and innovative programs that influence passenger behavior and build value.

Partner Support

Cross sharing of database information can be easily done to allow analysis in supporting marketing and growth of business.

Sales & Reservations

The sales & reservations solutions enable you to reach your audience & provide enhanced customer experience. It is a streamlined solution, offering seamless reservation services across all channels and partners. It allows you to instantly inform your eligible customers of critical flight events via SMS and e-mails. It enables you to market your airline better, sell your products, serve your customers and operate efficiently with our integrated suite of solutions, giving you the freedom to operate the way you want.

Mobility Solutions

With smart phones and tablets playing an important part in day to day life, our experience has demonstrated that a significant return on investment can be achieved within a very short period of time through the use of mobile distribution and marketing. A mobile-enabled help desk at an airport can help your ground staff serve passengers better.

Corporate Recognition

Growing your customer traffic is indeed good, but it is not enough to ensure that you are maximizing your revenue. Having the right customers at the right price is just as important. Are your flights as profitable as possible? With small changes in passenger profitability, fuel, crew costs and other related variables result in significant impacts on profitability. Recognize your regular corporate customers and provide them comprehensive travel kit solutions. Along with other ancillary services, airlines can include MTalk Global SIM Card, Discounts, Insurance Solutions and much more to maintain loyalty.

Flying Medical Supplies

AMA provides life-saving equipment and support services to ensure passengers and crew receive quality, accurate care. Medical Kits are built for timely, accurate assistance for both common and emergency medical events. We offer a full line of pre-packaged and customized Emergency Medical Kits, First Aid Kits and other medical equipment used on board aircraft. It helps airlines to enhance customer experience and attracts the passengers with disability.

Airline Medical Support

AMA enables airlines to better support the health needs of its passengers and crew, both in the air and on the ground. AMA provides a comprehensive, integrated and global service that helps airlines to better support the medical welfare of their crews and travelling employees wherever they may be. This airline ancillary service, available 24/7, provides a single number to call to gain immediate access to expert advice and help on the ground. The service provides crew members and travelling employees with immediate access to critical care nurses and doctors who provide a comprehensive range of medical assistance services.

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