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Crew Global Health Coverage

Individual, comprehensive and portable international medical insurance designed specifically for professional Airline crew members. This cover is designed to cover insured person against injury, disablement or death arising as result of an accident that is generally granted on annual basis. The cover operates while mounting or dismounting from and whilst traveling an aircraft while the aircraft is being used within the geographical scope as per its permitted usage. This cover can also be on 24 hours basis. The capital sum insured varies according to the status of the insured or earning capacity and fixed by the insurers. Operating crews of the aircraft are required to have valid license. License is liable to be suspended either temporarily or permanently on medical grounds. Consequential financial loss is covered by the loss of license policy. Cover provided is in respect of incapacity causing permanent total disablement or temporary total disablement due to bodily injury or illness.

Benefits to crew members

  • Flexible, comprehensive medical coverage
  • Coverage for professional crew members
  • Three unique plan designs - Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and other evacuation benefits
  • Medical professionals to coordinate your care
  • Medical Concierge Program
  • Long-term, comprehensive medical coverage
  • 24/7 General medical and travel health advice
  • International medical second opinions

Airline Medical Support

AMA enables airlines to better support the health needs of its passengers and crew, both in the air and on the ground. AMA provides a comprehensive, integrated and global service that helps airlines to better support the medical welfare of their crews and travelling employees wherever they may be. The service, available 24/7, provides a single number to call to gain immediate access to expertise, advice and help on the ground. AMA provides a comprehensive, end-to-end medical support service that enables airlines to better manage the welfare of their passengers. The service provides crew members and travelling employees with immediate access to critical care nurses and doctors who provide a comprehensive range of medical assistance services, including:
  • General medical and travel health advice
  • Arrangement and payment of International medical and dental appointments and referrals
  • National & International medical first and second opinions
  • Management and monitoring of international medical cases
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

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