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Mobile Application Solution for Airlines

With smart phones and tablets playing an important part in day to day life, our experience has demonstrated that a significant return on investment can be achieved within a very short space of time through the use of mobile distribution and marketing. A mobile-enabled help desk at an airport can help your ground staff serve passengers better.

Benefits Includes

  • Promotion of flight routes
  • Performance campaigns
  • promote your airport's route network, airlines and internet services
  • Anytime, anywhere flight booking and readjustment
  • Quick access to updated info and improved response time
  • Improved customer support
  • Service quality assurance and expedited services
  • Faster turnaround,enhanced productivity and paperless check-in and boarding

Mobile Applications for Air Travel
  • Mobile check in
  • Download boarding passes
  • Select or upgrade seats
  • Pay fees for bags and extra baggage
  • Make changes to inflight meals
  • Purchase on-air refreshment & entertainment
Mobile Apps for Travel Planning
  • Flight booking
  • Rebook flights in case of cancellations/delay
  • View travel information/itinerary
  • Access and compare flight fares
  • Search flights and obtain flight status
  • View any changes or updates & readjust travel
Mobile Apps for Ancillary Services
  • Rent a car/Taxi
  • Track checked-in baggage from mobile
  • Access airport maps
  • Interact with the airlines staff
  • Access weather related info about destination
  • Search for hotels and make reservations
cross functional enterprise apps
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer relationship management
  • Time and attendance
  • Security and access control
  • Realtime monitoring system
  • Analyase realtime crew performance & details
Mobile apps
Ensure streamlined operations & customer satisfaction by Quick access to updated info & improved response time

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