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AMA provides Ancillary services to Airlines and helps to improve your customer experience, Initiate new income opportunities, accomplish higher proficiency & lead competition with our inventive solutions for airlines and Efficient & effective sales & reservations solutions to reach your target audiences & enhance customer experiences. Increase customer loyalty while delivering your brand promise.

Passenger Medical Support

AMA provides a comprehensive, end-to-end medical support service that enables airlines to better manage the welfare of their passengers. AMA doctors and nurses have deep expertise in aeromedicine, and are highly experienced in the processes and guidelines that airlines use to deal with requests for medical clearance. Access to specialist support, combined with suitable training and the appropriate on-board equipment, enables cabin crews to ensure the welfare of passengers whilst minimizing potential disruptions caused by unnecessary diversions. AMA able to offer airlines crews with access to some of the world's leading emergency medicine specialists who are expert in the provision of remote medical support, 24/7. AMA also provides special assistance to the passangers includes:
  • Mobility impaired passengers
  • Visually impaired passengers
  • Passengers with medical conditions
  • Pregnancy and flying
  • Flying with medication
  • Assistance at the airport
  • Medical facilities onboard
  • Onboard oxygen
  • Travelling with an attendant

Baggage Tracker

According to a 2008 baggage report, the aviation industry lost 12.4 billion in 2007 as a result of mishandled baggage, reflected by increasing passenger numbers and congestion, cost pressures and tougher security regulations, making it more difficult to track and trace bags. Airline Luggage Delivery Service Providers at most airports globally deliver millions of luggage lost or delayed by airlines each year.
Here, AMA is offers an integrated solution developed to enhance tracking and management all aspects of the lost luggage delivery operations. Its a web based enterprise mobility solution that offers airlines and its service providers real-time visibility to located lost luggage being delivered to airline customers, the solution provide street level location navigation of luggage or packages being delivered, as well provide connected customers periodic e-alert on delivery status. It's capable of generating reports for delivery performance analysis by service providers and carriers for strategic and tactical customer service delivery optimization. AMA baggage tracker software systems can be integrated seamlessly into airline carrier management system.
  • Automated baggage reconciliation.
  • Labour cost savings
  • Reduced number of lost or delayed baggage
  • Reduced baggage handling times.
  • Easy implementation of more readers, allowing "real-time" traceability of the baggage,
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