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Integrated Booking SysteM

Today airlines strive not only to sell as many tickets as possible, but also to increase their brand's loyalty and to maximize the average value per transaction for new and returning customers. AMA booking system is a perfect fit for all of these goals. The flight reservation is considered the largest among all bookable sectors in travel industry, think about the profit that can be achieved by promoting auxiliary products and value-added services together with airline ticket sales!
With our airline ticketing software, your customers can choose from various complementary options as a part of the packaged offer.
We enable you to better market your airline, sell your products, serve your customers and operate efficiently with our integrated suite of solutions, giving you the freedom to operate the way you want. Our fully integrated solution provides access to the same information across all points of sale and service, so you can better serve your customers.
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Transfers
  • Car Rentals
  • Travel Insurances (Complete B2B and B2C Platform)
  • Packaged tours
  • Any other service related to airline ticket


With real time interactive availability, sales and Eticketing AMA provides the highest levels of connectivity between your airline and the travel agents increasing sales conversion rates and maximizing visibility to your customer base. We work alongside all the major distribution networks. You choose which GDS best suits your markets and we'll do the rest. AMA connects millions of providers to provide a common platform for bookings (flight, hotel, packages and cars) to users across the globe. We work on GDS systems and low cost air carriers to provide our clients the comprehensive flight booking system, We offer the best of the solutions to our clients.
After GDS integration (Global Distribution System) with B2B, B2C and Admin modules in place, client would have a robust airline reservation system and would be able to do live bookings from this GDS system for flights.


Effectively manage inventory through enhanced inventory controls, segmentation and real-time planning functionality with our comprehensive inventory solution. This solution leverages our leading revenue management capabilities to protect and grow revenue. That means you can meet the needs of the latest real-time revenue management practices.
Our inventory solution:
  • Enables both extensive point-of-sale control and business-rule capabilities
  • Offers flawless, real-time exchange of inventory data and optimal controls
  • Provides multiple nesting structure capabilities
  • Supports latest revenue management techniques including bid price curve, advanced fare qualification and interline proration
  • Manage inventory easily and avoid spoilage.
  • Integrate with virtually any platform — mobile, tablets and more with AMA extensive suite of Web Service APIs.

Airline Reservation Distribution System

airlines can increase reach to markets worldwide through an efficient and cost-effective distribution channel that provides access to leisure and corporate travelers. It also provides airlines with powerful and efficient access to corporations, travel management companies and global travel retailers.
  • Connect With More Travel Buyers. Access more than 350,000 travel agents plus major online travel agencies
  • Extend Your Brand Globally. Promote your strongest asset, your brand, to buyers beyond your home market
  • Differentiate Your Product. Guarantee your product outshines the rest when a buyer is evaluating options
  • Leverage all distribution channels — direct Internet sales, call centers, traditional GDS, codesharing, e-ticketing and third-party partnering.
  • Instantly deploy fare sales, special promotions, discounts, electronic vouchers and other targeted marketing programs.
  • Sell more ancillary revenues and services with Travel Commerce — from parking and car rentals to hotel rooms and activities/tours.

Intelligent Analytics

AMA provides a flexible and scalable platform for applications spanning across your entire airline, supporting powerful data analytics giving you greater control over disparate data. We provides a powerful platform enabling airlines to better analyze and document historical information that influences decision-making, business processes and forecasts to create innovative solutions in areas such as:
  • Customer Centricity
  • Revenue Management
  • Airline Operations
  • Automated Passenger-Risk Assessment
  • Track and analyze individual customer experiences
  • Track sales performance in real-time

Crew Operations and Management

Ensure you have a set of legal and qualified crew available at the right place at the right time. AMA Crew Management system enables full support for crew scheduling, crew tracking, alerts, crew notification, crew pay and disruption recovery. Facilitate long-term planning down to monthly planning with crew planning solutions. AMA offers multiple tools making crew management easy!
Increase your crewmembers' job satisfaction by enabling them to easily access and manage their work schedules. Easily manage bidding, including roster bidding (line and preferential), vacation, vacancy and training bidding through our crew solutions.
Mobile apps
Ensure streamlined operations & customer satisfaction by Quick access to updated info & improved response time

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