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AMA services were designed around industries like mining, where much of the work is completed in remote and potentially dangerous locations. In addition to a concern for co-worker health, site managers deal with the reality those on-site workers cannot be easily replaced if they are injured. Injury or illness can lead to job stoppages.
AMA supports the mining industry with medical services that address their primary health concerns.
Services are
  • Immediate onsite medical treatment for injuries and minor illnesses
  • Employee safety and health training
  • Hearing and basic vision testing
  • Short and long-term disability management


AMA has worked in industrial for over a decade and understands the concerns that plague these facilities. Health hazards might arise like, blurred vision, convulsions and unusual death, nose sores, asthma, bronchitis, lung and throat infections and cancers. With AMA offering oil refineries onsite clinics services, you rarely have to send your employees to an outside doctor. This reduces lost work time. If an injured employee requires hospitalization or recuperation time, AMA manages their care by working with medical staff and the employee to ensure appropriate treatment and follow-up appointments.

With AMA Oil refineries onsite medical services, you save money, get quick return to work, decrease your recordable injury incidents.


We recognize that health and wellbeing is threatened not only by illness but also by workplace stress, insecurities, and general dissatisfaction with self or others. Lower health care costs and other hidden costs of unwell employee. This will reduce absenteeism, thus lowering the cost of hiring and training new personnel. AMA onsite employee wellness programs:
  • Maintain and improve productivity & work performance
  • Boost the work place morale leading to upbeat and energetic employees
  • Enhance company brand value, attracting the best talent in the industry. Promote company loyalty and retention of skilled staff
  • In an effort to combat growing employee ill-health and its consequences, corporations worldwide have instituted wellness programs with very positive results with AMA


Chemical refineries pose unique challenges in health, safety, and environment monitoring with present inherent safety risks to employees and consultants. AMA has experienced professionals and leading-edge equipments to ensure that all plant personnel and project consultants are protected throughout AMA's onsite clinic for chemical refineries.
Clients looking for onsite clinic safety support for their personnel's, our onsite clinic and medical professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. AMA will help develop onsite-specific safety packages that meet the healthcare needs your employees, labours, workers and many more manpower indulged in the plants of chemical refineries.
Chemical refineries onsite services
  • Onsite medical equipment and personnel for immediate health assistance.
  • Breathing air equipment and services
  • High angle and confined space rescue personnel and equipments for any tragedy rescue.
  • Chemical Industry health services; industrial hygiene; respiratory equipment fit testing.
  • Safety training against health problems..


In the construction industry, safety is of paramount importance. AMA offers a range of safety services to ensure large and small contractors achieve and maintain safety compliance and fulfill their obligation to protect their employees. AMA offer onsite services such as site management and safety training. AMA provides construction sites with trained professional staff and all necessary systems, equipment, and supplies. Our staff is backed up by operations managers with extensive construction experience. All staff receives oversight and support from physician medical directors.
Building construction - onsite clinic services
  • Diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses
  • Diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses
  • Management of chronic medical conditions
  • Medication management and education
  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions and dispensing
  • Lab tests
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