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AMA Global Assistance carries out insurance administrative services for companies as a third party claims administrator, handling health insurance claims and more. Managing a health program requires a deep and extensive knowledge to ensure and monitor that the schemes are being conducted in the right clinical and financial manner. With decades of experience and knowledge in the insurance field, the administrative professionals of AMA Global Assistance deliver top-class insurance administrative services.

AMA’s global claims delivery team promises efficient medical assistance as well as assistance related technical support to insurance companies and self-funding employers, ensuring a smooth and easy claim processing, enrollment and other insurance administrative services along with assistance services.

AMA Global Assistance can be a third party claims administrator to any type of company or employer, catering to a vast variety of requirements and scenarios. We can easily customize our services to suit the different needs of insurance companies and employers, allowing them to reduce their operational costs, improve sales and, altogether, focus on their core business.

AMA can equally be of assistance in adding top benefits to existing Health Insurance Schemes, enhancing them by providing key value-added products. Also, with expertise in the medical field and a team of highly trained medical professionals, high quality medical assistance can be expected of us, along with other assistance services and 24/7 helpline for prompt solutions to problems.

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