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Guarantee of Payment

In AMA we offer Guarantee of Payment along with cost containment solutions to travel and expat health insurance companies worldwide.
Obtaining healthcare in some parts of the world can be complicated. Frequently, treatment won't be provided by hospitals until they have received a Guarantee of Payment. A client who is not properly covered by a good insurance and falls sick abroad will have to pay in advance a large sum of money using a credit card (the amount can easily surpass a hundred thousand dollars). All that only if the hospital accepts foreign credit cards.


  •    Single Case Fees
  •    Unlimited Medical Reporting
  •    High Credit Limits
  •    Multiple Medical Expense Cover
  •    Cost Containment & Discounts


Travel insurance companies should be able to offer their clients guarantee of payment so they can get appropriate treatment in a good health care facility. And that’s where AMA Insurance Solutions can be of help by supplying GOPs to insurers that otherwise would be dependent on credit card payments, money transfers and, on top of that, would not have the possibility to do cost containment.

  • 24.7 Alarm centers
  • Medical screening
  • Out patient Guarantees
  • House call guarantees
  • In patient Guarantees with high credit limits
  • Global network of multiple facilities
  • Instant settlements
  • Cost containment and discounts
  • Unlimited medical reporting

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