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AMA Health Tele DocTM

AMA products and solutions for Health/Life Insurance companies

AMA Health Tele  Doc

AI Based White Labeled Android & iOS Mobile App

AMA Health Tele  Doc

24/7 Access To Medical Team Provided by AMA for Telephonic / Video call / chat

AMA Health Tele  Doc

Clinic/Closest Hospital Referral

AMA Health Tele  Doc

Medical Dictionary and Medical Translation

AMA Health Tele  Doc

RX Information

AMA Health Tele  Doc

Diseases & Epidemics Alert / Medical News

Enhance your travel insurance policy and bundle Health tele doc

Member falls sick and needs medical consultation 1
Member gets AI driven possible medical symptoms from app 2
Member can consult doctor via telephone / video call / chat 3
Initial diagnosis and doctor will guide further 4

Benefits For Members

AI Based White Labeled Android & iOS Mobile App

Check Symptoms for Diseases
Video / Telephonic call / Chat with Doctor
Doctor Medical Advice & Medical Case Management
Visit a Doctor or Hospital

AMA Health Tele DocTM - Standard Plan

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