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Medico Legal Assist

Legal Assistance in case of incorrect medical treatment

Medico Legal Assist

Long term active medical case management

Medico Legal Assist

Second medical opinion

Medico Legal Assist

AI Based White Labeled Android & IOS Mobile App

Medico Legal Assist

24/7 Access To Medical Team Provided By AMA For Telephonic / Video Call / Chat

Medico Legal Assist

Clinic/Closest Hospital Referral

AI Based White Labeled Android & iOS Mobile App

Check Symptoms for Diseases
Video / Telephonic call / Chat with Doctor
Doctor Medical Advice & Medical Case Management
Visit a Doctor or Hospital

Medico legal assist will applies only if

Health Legal Assit

Line of medical treatment was incorrect

Health Legal Assit

Member is admitted in the hospital or availed medical treatment

If Member had a medical treatment or an ongoing medical treatment


If the line of medical treatment was incorrect


AMA Medico Legal Experts will give their advice whether the medical treatment was correct or incorrect


AMA Medico Legal Experts will check & assess the medical file


Avoid unnecessary treatment or surgery. Ask form expert doctors

Specialist medical advice and recommendation

Arranging and assisting with travel details, including reservations and accommodation

Arrangement and cost coverage of ground ambulance or groundtransportation from destination of medical care

Reduce the chance of incorrect diagnosis

Consult the specialist who is right for you

Arranging and assisting with hospital admittance process and medical appointments

Ongoing support & information for you and your family membersduring the treatment

AMA Health Tele DocTM - Plus Plan

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